How to Get Your Little One Reading QUICKLY

...without needing any teaching experience, without having a lot of time, and without making them sit still!

What you'll learn:

Letter Sounds: How to teach the sounds so they actually stick!

Blending Words: How to start blending words the RIGHT way!

Focus + Attention: How to make this FUN for them!

...And much, much more that I only share here!

When I first started to help my daughter get caught up on her reading I was completely lost. Your program makes it so simple and not only did it help me help her, she loved it. She went from crying and feeling frustrated, even thinking she was going to fail 1st grade to proud and confident. We completed the program and are now just continuing to read and practice. Her MAP scores even improved from 36% to 44%. She also learned all the sight words she didn’t know from kindergarten and all her 1st grade sight words. I know she still has some ways to go but to think she achieved that growth in 5 months blows my mind. Thank you so much.
Rebecca- working with a 6 year old
This program is GENIUS! So back in August I got super serious about teaching my 5 year old twins to read! At the time they were 4 and didn’t recognize any letters with the exception of A, B, & C - they knew zero sounds. So I started a program by the name of learning dynamics which I thought was great until I came the “Toddlers Can Read” program! This is definitely THE program when it comes to teaching your littles how to read! I can hardly wait to get started with my recently turned 2 year old! She doesn’t know any sounds or recognize any letters just yet but I feel very sure and confident that with TCR she’ll be right behind the twins in no time! Thank you soooooooo much for this! I’m telling everyone about TCR! ❤️🙏🏿
Tiffany- working with twin 5 year olds
SPENCER! We started structured sound learning this week and she's already learned three new sounds. Solidly holding onto and retaining these new sounds with your gradual approach. I introduced one sound she didn't know last week and just focusing on that one, she retained it after two days so this week I added three more and boom. Today is Thursdays and she's retaining them. 🤯 Like she's likely going to be reading at 2.... I'm just mind blown.
Sable- working with a 2 year old